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Phenomenal Theme

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My name is Mikhail. I like making Tumblr themes & other stuff in Photoshop. This blog is full free themes for anyone to use. I will take suggestions for new theme ideas, but I do not make themes for just one person unless it's a commissioned job. If you want to inquire about hiring me to make a custom theme for you, message me.


1 note | Thursday Nov 11 @ 09:34pm

Balance Theme Is Up!

Balance Theme - Check it out

0 notes | Thursday Nov 11 @ 09:31pm

Anonymous said: Will you be providing the current theme you are using on destroyer eventually? I'm in love.

Eventually yes.

3 notes | Tuesday Oct 10 @ 11:49pm

Phenomenal Theme Is Up!

Phenomenal Theme - Check it out

7 notes | Tuesday Oct 10 @ 03:37pm

Accumulate V2 is up!

Accumulate V2 Theme - Check it out

1 note | Tuesday Oct 10 @ 03:06pm

Another New Theme Up!

Delicate Theme - Check it out 

4 notes | Monday Oct 10 @ 11:17pm

New Theme Up!

Timeless Theme - Check it out 

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